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Please find comments from parents below about the classes.

  • Pupil E. (age 11) says:
Bonjour! I had a really good time in French class, and our teacher was very good with us and always helped us if we were stuck. I learned how to make proper sentences in French, and now will be able to go to the boulangerie and order on my own when I go to visit my cousins in France. I loved singing along to the songs on the CD. Au revoir!
  • Mum K. says:
As my brother lives in France, and it was a language that I loved in school I decided to enroll Emma in the La Jolie Ronde lessons. … I was really happy with Emma´s progress over the year particularly in her lovely pronunciation. She always looked forward to the lesson and got on well with the class. Merci!
  • Olivier, a French dad says:

Through this course, my children have gained greater confidence in their ability to speak French and are accordingly a lot more willing to express themselves in French.

  • On submission of an end of term report a mam of two children says:

Hi Sabine, thank you so much for that, I’m delighted they are doing well, they REALLY enjoy it, definitely be there next term.  Thanks.

  • From Nes, a mam from the pre-school class:

Language learning should be fun. Many of the more conventional methods of teaching leave the student as a passive vessel to be filled with vocabulary and grammar rules (yuk!)... Sabine's enthusiasm, helps create a warm, fun environment that our son enjoys and looks forward to every Saturday morning. My husband and I are very impressed by this progressive approach and we believe that it has helped our son develop an appetite for learning languages.

  • Phil, a mam from the Bonjour class says:

Suzanna comes out from class and enthusiastically tells me all the words she has learned with wonderful French pronunciation, much better than how I pronounce my school French!!! I look forward to hearing more from her as she progresses further in the next stage and when we hopefully visit France next year!

  • Suzanna, a 10 year-old pupil progressing into the advanced class:

The French classes are soo much fun! I have found it a great way to learn French. The games that we play are fun and everybody wants to play them all the time. Sabine Maher is a great teacher indeed.