French For Children


Yearly fees are payable in advance per child together with cost of materials. Fees can also be settled by paying them over a few consecutive monthly instalments.  Materials will be ordered and distributed about 3/4 weeks after start of course.

In order to officially enrol i.e. guarantee a place for your child, an enrolment form must be completed and signed.  You will be signing to terms and conditions, please read carefully.  Once this form together with your payment are received, your child’s place is then guaranteed.  Please note a class goes ahead subject to a minimum of 6 children per class.  Each class runs over the academic year i.e. from September to June therefore commitment from children and parents to complete the course is expected and appreciated so it benefits all involved: all the children and parents as well as the teachers.

At French for Children, we understand that raising children is not always straightforward.  If we think your child is not suited to the class at the end of first class or if you can see a problem after first class, we will be pleased to discuss with you and look at possible options.  The method used is very enjoyable and most children cannot wait to come back!

Please contact me for details of current yearly fees by filling in an enquiry form.

Materials are to be paid with fee in advance of the term.  Materials are ordered by Sabine Maher from La Jolie Ronde head-office in England and distributed to new pupils around 3rd/4th weeks of the term.